Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get your Slide on!

If you are looking for a new hobby that is energetic and fun along with helping you to get into shape and can have very rewarding benefits to your health. well look no longer, we have it right here at Mr. G's.
Line Dancing!!!
Line dancing also known as "Slides" became popular in our community years ago when Casper came out with the "Casper Slide". Ever since new line dances have been created for almost every popular song and for every age. 
Dr. Loretta Martin has hosted her weekly classes at Mr. G's since our reopening in 2007 and she doesn't look like she has any plans of stopping. The popularity of her classes grows with each week in which the proceeds benefit the Hall-Martin Scholarship Fund. 
Got some spare time? Stop by one her classes, you are sure to become a regular.

Take a look at Dr. Martin & Class doing the "Obama Slide"

"I dont need it"  by Jamiee Fox

Every Monday & Tuesdays- 6:00pm-& 7:30pm
Every Friday 12 noon- 1:30pm
$5 per class

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